Producing and sales of glass products

At our glass workshop, we use various techniques such as glass blowing, kiln work, glass carving to create glassware, interior accessories and other accessories by hand.
Features of our glass products
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    In addition to our products, manufacturing with OEM/ODM is possible.
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    Since our products are handmade, ordering in small quantities is possible.
    *Depending on the design, we may not be able to handle an order.
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    In addition to blown glass, we also accept orders to make original carved glass pieces.
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    As well as tableware, we also make interior accessories.
    In addition to accessories, we also produce indoor/outdoor lamps and objects.
Regarding products that may be handled by us, you may see our line of products on our online shop, Kasityo.
(We do not accept pottery orders at the moment.)
All prices listed on our products in our online shop are for reference only,
if you would like to get a price for a particular product, please contact us using the inquiry form.

We produce original glassware using glass blowing and glass carving techniques. oem

Production of glass blown vessels
Although the product is glass, you will be able to feel the human touch in each product because each individual glass blown vessel is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans.
(Depending on the design, molds may be used to create certain shapes. Glass blown products without the use of molds will have slight differences in thickness and shape.)
Producing Kiriko glass vesseles
We will be able to produce smaller quantities of our original Kiriko glass products using our own glass materials.
In addition to domestically produced products, we also manufacture in China. Depending on the quantity,we will be able to produce original glass materials and create original carved glass products.

Production of glass objects

We produce lamps and architectural decorations with glass.

Lightings made with glass

  • Chandelier
    Street light
    Niigata, Bandai City
  • Chandelier
    Izu Craft House
  • Pendant light
    Pendant light
    Boat Race Antenna Shop

glass objects

  • Buddhist altar fittings
    Buddhist altar fittings
    Takeoyama Anyoin Ossuary
  • Display
    Seiko (ISHIDA Omotesando)
  • Object
    Okada Residence Entrance

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