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Pottery Painting: POTERIE

What is POTERIE Painting?
Paint a picture on a bisque (unglazed pottery) using our special paint ‘POTERIE Color’.
When you have completed painting your bisque your piece will be covered with a special transparent glaze ‘POTERIE Clear Glaze’, then to complete your work your piece will be baked at over 1,000°C.
Working process by using POTERIE.

Features of POTERIE

This pottery painting material can handle being fired at a low temperature of 1,000°C.Unlike Raku-ware, the clay becomes like semi-porcelain and it has has strength, also the color develops quite well. The unglazed clay (bisque) has more strength than usual making it a product that’s easier to handle.
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Sales of Kiriko glass / sandblast materials

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